The Purple Carnation

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Hi, I’m Mandi, crazy crafter and owner of The Purple Carnation. I have been making things for as long as I can remember, and I’m really excited to share my ideas with you! My main craft is crochet, and as the site grows, I plan to share my original patterns here. I’ll also highlight other crafts and crafters when the mood strikes. Essentially, it’s just going to be one big ball of crafty fun.

So where did I get the name? The purple carnation (the flower) represents capriciousness, which is a funny word. It has all sorts of connotations, both good and bad, but it all comes down to a sense of quirkiness and whimsy. These are qualities that I like to think I possess, and that I hope will be reflected in my work.

I hope you’ll visit often, and don’t forget to comment and say hello!